Excursions are great learning experiences and are a valuable part of the preschool program. We aim to participate in several excursions around the local community during the year.

Excursions around the local community may include:

  • Visits to the Shoalhaven Library
  • Local Schools
  • Show ground
  • Reserve next to preschool for picnics and sport events

Families are given written notice of the itinerary for the proposed excursion and written permission must be given before your child can attend. The Department of Education & Communities set down regulations regarding child/staff ratios which must be met before leaving the preschool.  We require some parents to attend excursions to meet the ratios.


Incursions also happen throughout the year with various events occurring at preschool, such as:

  • Little kickers AFL skills
  • Tap Star water conservation
  • Shoalhaven zoo
  • Discovery National Park rangers
  • Aboriginal dance troops from local schools
  • National simultaneous story telling
  • Hatching Chickens Program