Transition To School

Transition to school is supported every day at Shoalhaven Community Preschool. It is part of our image of children as being capable and competent learners who are beginning to regulate their own behaviour through building independence and a love of learning. To support the transition to school, Shoalhaven Community Preschool provides a positive environment to focus on Body Skills, Social Skills, Learning and Independence.


Shoalhaven Community Preschool provides an environment where children can separate from parents while feeling secure in a different environment. We provide opportunities for children to participate in large group, small group and independent learning experiences. Within groups, children can share ideas, questions and knowledge with peers and feel valued in a group to build confidence and self-identity. Our diverse environment helps children to build a strong sense of respect through the appreciation of nature, relationships and the world around them.

Body Skills

Fine Motor Control: Children use scissors, tape and writing implements to develop fine motor control.

Movement skills: Opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills such as throwing, kicking, running, jumping, balance and core strength are incorporated into active play.

Self Regulation: Children learn to use their body with purpose and to control their behaviour, movements and actions.

Social Skills

Important social skills are developed through social interactions. Children learn that everyone has different interests, ideas, families, different perspectives, challenges and strengths. They can practice regulating their own behaviour and become aware that their behaviour impacts on others. Through conversation, sharing time, greetings and asking for help, children become effective communicators. Resilience is built through social play opportunities, coping strategies, routines, role modelling and practice.


Our program supports all children to learn foundations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  An appreciation of literacy is developed through, storytelling, books, research, name tags and writing. Numeracy is explored through cooking, measuring, estimating, patterning, sorting, classifying, using numbers and counting in games. Children are encouraged to discover the wonder to be creative, learn new things and think about the why and how. This supports children to be an engaged learner rather than a passive learner. Inviting children to use technology such as computer and internet research and digital photography prepares children for using digital technology in the classroom.


Independence is supported through assisting children to recognise and take responsibility for their own belongings. Children are also encouraged to be able to independently wash hands, use the toilet, blow nose, care for their own belongings etc. and have the ability to ask for help when needed.

More Information

A transition to school evening is held every year at Shoalhaven Community Preschool.

Shoalhaven Community Preschool staff communicate with school teachers, counsellors and early intervention facilitators to support a positive transition from Preschool to School. Through this process, children may visit their primary school for a tour as a preschool excursion.