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Waiting List

Waiting list forms can be completed over the phone, download from the website, and emailed or completed at Preschool. There is no cost to be on the waiting list. A waiting list application is not a guarantee of a preschool position. To obtain a waiting list application, click here. 

The Department of Education Start Strong funding guidelines prioritise children in their year prior to school (Turn 4 before July 31 in the preschool year) and 3-year-old children from low income and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds to attend preschool 600 hours per year. Preschool follows these priority access guidelines to be able to provide an affordable preschool service.


Please contact Preschool to arrange a time to visit if you are interested in enrolling. We aim to support and include all children and families. Families and children with any special requirements should speak to the director to establish a collaborative partnership. An enrolment evening is held each year in November for the children commencing preschool the following year, followed by a family orientation morning at preschool. Additional places may become available during the year and filled from the waiting list. Currently there is a minimum enrolment of 2 days and a maximum enrolment of 3 days for children in their year prior to school to ensure accessibility and priority guidelines are met.

Enrolment Checklist

  • Birth certificate
  • Low income health care card (if applicable)
  • Immunisation History Statement (ACIR)*
  • Completed enrolment form (including emergency contact details)
  • Medical plans (For Example asthma or anaphylaxis)
  • Enrolment fee
  • Framed family photo
  • Individual child photo (Preschool will laminate)

*Immunisation information: All children must provide Australian Immunisation Register Statements to enrol at preschool. Please note AIR Immunisation exemption for conscientious objection is not accepted under the Public Health ACT 2010. Please call 1800 653 809 or access Medicare online services to obtain a current copy of your child’s immunisation status. Preschool cannot accept blue books to prove immunisation status.