Simple issues may be easily resolved with a brief conversation. If an informal meeting does not resolve the complaint, please follow the complaints handling procedures. An anonymous complaint can be made in writing, however reaching a mutually acceptable solution together is preferable. All complaints are confidential and dealt with in a professional manner.

Complaints Handling Procedure

1. Arrange an appointment to talk to educator in your child’s room.
2. State the complaint clearly and calmly.
3. Discuss possible solutions.
4. Reach an agreement of action to be taken.
5. The complaint, planned solution and action to be taken will be recorded in the complaints register by the staff member.
6. The Director and President will review the complaints register to monitor and review action taken.
7. Staff member will review that the complaint has been resolved with the complainant.
8. A written complaint may be addressed to the director or committee.

A notification of unresolved complaint will be made to ACECQA