Health & Nutrition

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Under NSW Public Health Act parents must provide an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) History Statement or Catch up Schedule. Parents who do not have appropriate documentation will not be able to enrol their child. Call 1800 653 809 or go to Medicare online to request a statement.

Sun Safety

We are a registered SunSmart preschool which means our sun protection procedures and practices are endorsed by the Cancer Council.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Families are responsible for providing a nutritious morning tea and lunch in line with the preschool Nutrition Policy. Healthy food not only promotes good health and eating habits it ensures that meal times do not become a competition or stressful for children. Children in their first five years of life are developing rapidly and require a nutritious and safe diet for their intellectual, behavioural and physical development. Education and fun learning experiences in relation to healthy eating is also important for children’s development. Awareness of allergies contributes to strategies to provide a safe eating environment. Please also be mindful of packaging. We are environmentally aware and actively teach the children about recycling, in particular soft plastics, but ask families to reduce waste and rubbish and opt for using containers rather than individually wrapped items.

There is research-based evidence linking good nutrition with positive mental health outcomes. Poor diet is associated with a greater risk of anxiety, depression, behavioural and learning difficulties. We aim to promote good nutrition and establish healthy eating habits to support growth and development in the early years as well as for life-long health and wellbeing. Shoalhaven Community Preschool aims to provide a healthy, economical and friendly eating environment that promotes a safe and nutritious diet. We will also provide food and nutrition education that is consistent with national dietary guidelines for children.

We recognise the importance of encouraging and supporting families to provide healthy foods and drink for their children and aim to encourage communication with families about the provision of appropriate healthy food choices for children while at preschool. All staff have completed NSW Munch and Move training and we promote good nutrition and physical health every day through our preschool program. The Healthy Lunchbox website below is great for ideas on what to pack for your child.

Be You

Be You is a program developed by Beyond Blue which promotes mental health and wellbeing, from the early years to 18 years of age. We implement resources and access training to support educators in developing initiatives and practices which strengthen and build our capacity as a mentally healthy community. Through the Be You program we promote the mental health and wellbeing of children, families, and educators. Wellbeing is a core value of our philosophy and underpins our program and practice.

Munch and Move

All of our educators have completed training in delivering the Munch and Move through our preschool program. Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time. We have planned physical activity every day and we teach children about healthy eating. We embed Munch and Move principles within our daily practice and implement a fun, play-based approach to supporting healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children.

For Purchase

We sell good quality hats and shirts featuring our preschool logo.

Hats/shirts: $12 Warm winter jumper: $20

There are a range of colours and sizes available for purchase from the office.


We pay our respects to the people of the D’harawal and Yuin nations, the traditional custodians of the land where we meet. We welcome their knowledge and recognise the continued connection to country, people, and community. We pay our respects to elder’s past, present and emerging. Together we walk, hand in hand.